1st e-commerce flight with FTL-Express

1st e-commerce flight with FTL-Express

24 June 2020

On Monday, 22 June 2020, the Paris-Vatry Airport handled the first e-commerce freight flight with its partner FTL-Express.

Coming from China (Macau), a B747-200 Cargo aircraft transported 100 tons of freight to the Marne region on behalf of Yun Express.

The aircraft landed at 9 am and took off again 2 hours after its arrival. After being sorted, the packages will be shipped to their recipients located in France and Europe.

This was the 1st flight after the commercial cooperation partnership was signed last January in order to develop logistic solutions between China and Europe. Its purpose was to test the actual conditions of the airport’s processing capacity as well as the customs logistics specific to this type of cargo, which contained many different packages. This operation marks a new stage in this project, which after the COVID-19 crisis will provide a response to the sector’s growing needs for consumers who are looking more and more towards e-commerce.

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