Download the airport’s cargo presentation brochure

Open 7 days a week,
365 days a year
No slots
No noise
pollution taxes


all types of aircraft
(includes Codes E and F)
Modern equipment:
the last CAT A airport
built in France
Aircraft parking stands
located directly next to
the terminals
Runway length:
3,860 meters long
and 45 meters wide


Aircraft parking stands
10 large carrier stands
for Code E and F planes
Cargo zone:
12,000 m² of buildings
Processing capacity:
120,000 tons of freight per year
Handling assured
by our teams:
A single point of contact

Location and access

• Located in the centre of Western Europe,

• 150 km (90 mi) east of Paris,

• Direct connection to the motorway (A26)

• Multi-modal platform (Air/rail/road)

• Easy connection to European hubs

Aéroport de Paris Vatry

Road transport times

• Multi-modal platform

• One-stop-shop

• Multi-modal links between the main economic centres

• Main hauling centres of Europe in under 8 hours

• Unparalleled connectivity: Air <-> Air; Air <->Lorry; Air <->Train

CEIV certification in project

  • Paris-Vatry is undergoing the CEIV Pharma certification process.
  • Issued by IATA, this certification confirms the ability to handle temperature-controlled freight at 2/8 and/or 12/25 degrees according to the best international standards. This certification covers the infrastructures as well as the processes set up by the teams.
  • The airport already has a 2,500 m² freight terminal, consisting of 5 cold rooms that can accommodate all temperature-controlled freight (pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, etc.)

Cargo Terminal 1

• 4,200 m² with 2,500 m² for cold storage
• Temperature controlled 2/8°c
• European PFI
• Sequence stocking to maintain cold chain
• Aircraft parked near to terminal
• CEIV Pharma certification in project

Cargo Terminal 2

• 8,100 m² reserved for dry cargo
• Pallet lowering pit
• Rooms reserved for hazardous materials (radioactive or valuable)
• Pallet Handling System – Fast Lane
• Freight securing
• Delivery platforms equipped with a video system
• Badge-reader controlled access

Available spaces

• Paris-Vatry: a task force to help you achieve your development projects

• Around 740 hectares of available land

• Attractive business development and operating costs

• 2 business parks, high-quality ground surface

• Video-secured zone, tri-modal platform (Air/Rail/Road)


• 24/7 fire safety that protects people and property (fire protection: level 7, level 9 upon request)

• Aircraft de-icing

• Fuelling station (660,000-litre capacity) – On-site petrol company: TOTAL