Due to the Vigipirate plan "Emergency Attack", we inform passengers that a visual check of luggages, bags, backpacks… is done before entering in passenger terminal. Thank you for your understanding./


You must go to the check-in counter when you get to the airport, especially if you are travelling with checked baggage.

To facilitate the check-in process, remember to bring a valid ID, and be acquainted with the formalities and baggage requirements.


Opening of check-in:

  • Porto: 2 hours before take-off
  • Marrakech/Fes: 3 hours before take-off

Check-in time:

  • Porto: 40 minutes before take-off
  • Marrakech/Fes: 1 hour before take-off

Online check-in: your boarding card must be printed a minimum of two hours before the flight departure. If you do not respect this condition, you will be required to pay €55 per passenger and per trip to board the plane.



Further information is available from your usual travel agency.