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Andalusia, located in the south of Spain, is a region with many landscapes. A place of contrasts, tourists enjoy travelling from the mountains of Sierra Morena and the vast plains of the Guadalquivir to the sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol. This land of culture, history and festivities is an essential holiday destination.

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Andalusia is a meeting point of different cultures. The Alhambra of Granada, the Mosque of Cordoba and the Alcazar of Seville boast the richness of Islamic art revisited by the Christians of Europe. During your trip you will discover a unique cultural heritage in Europe. Feel free to visit these historic landmarks of UNESCO’s World heritage. Marvel on the road to the typical white villages and stop tasting the Xeres.

Enjoy the sun and countless events and fiestas to meet the local people. You will be pleasantly received and introduced to traditional customs. Then you can relax on one of the beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean coastline. The Iberian Peninsula enjoys an exceptional climate, spread your towel under a beautiful blue sky with a view of the sea. You’re in!