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Cape Verde

Heliades offers you to discover the island of Sal in Cape Verde from Paris-Vatry in formula stay or circuit.Club heliades Oasis Belorizonte 4 * – from €1199 instead of €1320 on 19/01/2019 – Cape Verde | Island of Sal | 8 days/7 nights | All inclusive

A friendly club, which you will enjoy the fully renovated bungalows and feet in the water, 3 swimming pools and 3 restaurants. Family atmosphere assured, in the enchanting setting of the village of Santa Maria and its beautiful white sand beach.

Club heliades Riu Funana 5 * – from 999th instead of €1299 on 19/01/2019 – Cape Verde | Island of Sal | 8 days/7 nights | All inclusive

Near the small coastal town of Santa Maria, in a superb setting of golden sand and clear waters, the Riu Funana is a quality club. Its beautiful rooms offer maximum comfort. Lovers of lively evenings, spectacular landscapes and gliding sports, this club is for you!

Quotation and information in your usual travel agency or on Héliades.fr

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Cape Verde

These 10 islands off Africa, caressed by the winds, fascinate by their singularity. Their volcanic origin, beautiful sandy beaches and mysterious mountains make it a veritable paradise for lovers of discovery, water sports and nature. Sung by the deep-voiced artists such as Cesaria Evora, Cape Verde is constantly cradled by music with multiple influences.