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The destinations of Croatia and Montenegro are home to multiple cultural and natural sites. The diverse Mediterranean civilizations that succeeded each other left an invaluable cultural heritage in these two countries. Spend an unforgettable holiday discovering Istria and Dalmatia. Got the travel bug?  You can now book your stay with Top Of Travel through a travel agency.

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Before heading out to visit the famous historic cities, start your stay with a relaxing day in the sun. The Croatian and Montenegrin coast is home to over a thousand islands and islets. Relax on a sandy beach, indulge yourself with a swim in the turquoise water. During your stay, several excursions are proposed. Explore the famous national parks of Durmitor and Plitvice, or visit the emblematic cities of: Pula, Split, Trogir, and of course Dubrovnik! The fabulous cities of the Balkans will never cease to surprise you!