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Faro is a Portuguese city ever so attractive to tourists. In the heart of the beautiful Algarve region vacationers rediscover the traditions of Portugal.
The city has managed to preserve its charm. It is surrounded by sturdy walls with a town-centre reserved exclusively for pedestrians. A wonderful destination of choice!
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Starting point of your trip to the Algarve, Faro has a vast cultural heritage. Head out to explore the old quarter, with its cobbled streets and the unique architecture of its derelict façades. Also visit the impressive Faro Sé Cathedral and the former convent that is now the Municipal Museum of Faro.
During periods of migration, birdwatching enthusiasts can observe thousands of species. Enjoying the quiet of the city, storks invade the rooftops of the houses.
Then venture along the sunny Algarve coastline to discover the famous Ria Formosa Nature Park. Kick back and relax at the Monchique Spas or perfect your swing at one of the many golf courses.
Breathtaking landscapes, delicious gastronomy, places of culture and nature… the region has so much to offer!