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The island of Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Morocco. A veritable floating garden, Madeira offers exceptional scenery and panoramas. Its majestic mountains with exuberant flora and fauna are a paradise for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The island of Madeira is also full of gardens, parks, pleasant small fishing villages and black sandy beaches.  Holidaymakers will also be seduced by its capital Funchal and the ambiance that reigns, its pleasant climate all year round, its gastronomy and the friendly welcome of its inhabitants.

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Every year in May, Madeira has its finest natural attire and pays homage to its flowers. Blistering, the festivities begin with the construction of the wall of hope by thousands of children, who, from Saturday morning, come to drop their flowers on the municipal square of Funchal. The big allegorical parade takes place on Sunday afternoon and brings together a number
Impressive chariots, dressed in fresh flowers. On the itinerary of the procession, bleachers are set up to admire the spectacle. At the same time, the artists of Madeira are working to make beautiful carpets of flowers exposed in the streets.