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Authentic and exquisite, discover all the facets of Champagne via the Paris-Vatry Airport. Land of know-how, discover all the secrets of Champagne, its hills, its houses, its kilometres of wine cellars, and its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Immerse yourself in the heart of the region’s history. See how over time it forged the very history of France. Looking for a good place? Activities? Accommodation? A nice restaurant? A Champagne House? Prepare your visit, go to www.tourisme-en-champagne.com.


At just 20 minutes from the airport, discover Chalons-en-Champagne, also known as the sparkling Venice. This city, crossed by channels, offers a discovery of its heritage and its bucolic surroundings by boat. Be sure to discover the magical Metmorpheauses show, presented every night. City of art and history, during your visit let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of life and enjoy the many festivals organised throughout the year. For all the news about the city go to www.chalons-tourisme.com


At 45 minutes from the airport, visit Reims. An artistic, historical city awaits you with its unmissable sites: the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Palais du Tau, museum of the work of the cathedral, the Basilica, and the Abbey Saint-Remi Museum. Stroll along the streets, visit the numerous sites, monuments, and museums portraying the history of Reims, from the Gallo-Roman era through the Art deco period. Enjoy the world of champagne and its gastronomy. 250 kilometres of cellars and Gallo-Roman crayères are open to visit… Organise your stay at www.reims-tourisme.com.


At 35 minutes from the airport, discover Troyes, capital of the Dukes of Champagne during the Middle Ages. Walk through the narrow streets of the city centre lined with colourful wood-framed houses. Filled with inescapable bargains, Troyes is the largest brand centre in Europe. Walk in the footsteps of the Knights Templars, as Aube was the cradle of the order of the Templars, and take advantage of your stay to discover the Champagne tourist route. Organise your stay at www.aube-champagne.com.


Can we talk about tourism in Champagne and forget to mention Paris? The capital and the entire Paris region are quickly and easily accessible by car, train, or coach. The Paris regional area is home to some of the must-see places providing a trip full of fun and discovery: The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Chateau of Versailles, Montmartre, and the cabarets… During one’s vacation in Champagne, more and more visitors like to take the time to make a trip to Paris or discover the magic of Disneyland with their children, so why not you? Information can be found at www.parisinfo.com.