Due to the COVID-19, Ryanair flights between Vatry and Marrakech remain suspended until 12/09/2020 included./FOR ANY FLIGHT CHANGE/REFUND REQUIREMENTS, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR AIRLINE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. /
flights resumed

Paris-Vatry airport is happy to see you!

Ryanair flights to/from Porto operate from 1 July.*

Ryanair flights to/from Marrakech remain suspended.

The resumption of flights to/from Morocco will be possible when the Moroccan air borders are reopened to European airlines. No date has been announced at this time.

Ryanair may also be required to make further cancellations or modifications on flights between Vatry and Marrakech scheduled this summer.

*These dates may be subject to change in the event of new government measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For any travel modification needs, please contact your travel agency or airline.

For the safety of all, discover here the sanitary protocol deployed at Paris-Vatry airport.

We invite travellers to consult the new passenger measures here.