Due to the demonstrations of the yellow vests, the RD977 will be closed to traffic from Monday 03/12/2018 to Monday 10/12/2018 18:00. People who have to go to the airport from Châlons-en-Champagne are invited to anticipate time and follow the deviation set up (take the RD5 towards Fère-Champenoise and at the Crossroads RD5/RD12, taking to and until Vatry-Village); Or take the A26 motorway./


Some airline companies do allow you to travel with your pet. To make sure, we recommend that you contact the customer service of the airlines you will be travelling with.

Ryanair does not offer animal transport services either in the cabin or in the hold. The only exception is for guide dogs for the blind or visually impaired. Make the special request with the airlines by calling +33 892-562-150.