Cabin baggage

For each booking made, a maximum of 40x20x25 cm cabin luggage is included per passenger. This luggage will be deposited below your seat on board the plane.

If you have chosen the priority option (paid option listed on the top right on your boarding pass) you will also be entitled to a  55x40x20cm luggage for a weight of 10 kgs in the cabin.

Only the priority passengers have the right to carry with them, on board, 2 cabin luggage.

If you have not chosen the priority option and you have a second luggage with which you absolutely want to travel, you must register it in the counter for a fee of €20 for a 10 kgs luggage. Nevertheless, we advise you to choose this option at the time of your reservation, the fares being always higher at the airport.

In all cases the dimensions must be scrupulously observed at the risk of having to pay for the check-in of a non-conforming baggage.

Children under 2 years of age are entitled only to a diaper bag of up to 5 kgs, whether or not their attendant is a priority.

Checked baggage

  • Hold luggage must be reserved online when booking on the website
  • Baggage weight allowed per person:
  • For a first piece of booked luggage: 20 kg
    • It is possible to reserve up to 3 hold baggages
    •  The total weight is allowed on the same reservation.
  • Musical instruments and sports equipment must be reserved in advance. The maximum weight allowed for sports equipment is 20 kg.
  • Exceeding the authorised weight will be charged an extra €11/kilo.

Holiday flights

To find out the baggage policy in effect for a holiday flight from Paris-Vatry, please contact the travel agency or tour operator with whom you made your booking.